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   Dec 21

Season over for Storey

No place to go for Andrew Storey, who was double and triple-teamed by the Rebels on Friday night. Photo courtesy of Noel RowsellBASKETBALL
Nanjing Night Net

THE season is over for Andrew Storey.

Storey’s powerful run of the form in the 2015 GMP Ultimate Basketball League (UBL) Young Guns competition came to a halt on Friday night.

Storey’s Glebe Magic team entered the elimination semi-final as slight favourite but was overpowered 92-74 by the Hoopdreamz Rebels.

Former Highlander Storey finished with another double-double of 19 points and 15 boards.

However, he has now missed reaching a UBL grand final in two successive campaigns – firstly with the Magic senior team and now in the Young Guns series.

The Rebels looked slightly overawed at the start of the game but powered to the lead in the second term with a 26-10 run.

The Magic could not recover, eventually falling by 28 points.

The Sydney City Cobras were favourites in the second semi-final against Hoops Academy and overcame a lethargic start to also power home to a runaway win.

Sydney’s 75-45 victory puts the Cobras through to face the Rebels in Friday night’s grand final.

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   Dec 21

Gene Fairbanks heads to Bowral

Well-known rugby player Gene Fairbanks runs through drills with Bowral’s Tim Lewis, Manu Feilovai and Dave Whetton. Photo suppliedRUGBY UNION
Nanjing Night Net

AUSTRALIAN rugby union star Gene Fairbanks visited Bowral last Tuesday night.

Fairbanks coached the Bowral Blacks first and second grade teams for a training session at Eridge Park.

Bowral head coach Paul Frean said Fairbanks’ session was motivating and he shared his knowledge on footwork, body height and accuracy.

“At the end of the day, Gene said it comes down to attitude at training and on game day,” Frean said.

“It’s about working hard and holding each other accountable leads to stronger and stronger performances – then rugby gets to be even more fun.”

Fairbanks plays for the Kintetsu Liners in Japan.

He previously played for the ACT Brumbies, Queensland Reds and Western Force in the Super Rugby competition.

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   Dec 21

No plan for future farming, Chesters says

Prime Minister Tony Abbott pleases the crowd by eating a scone at the launch of the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper in the state’s south west on Saturday.THE Abbott government’s Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper does not have a plan to move away from subsidising Australian farming and does not planfor future technology, Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters says.
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Prime Minister Tony Abbott released the paper during a visit to the state’s south west on Saturday, including tax incentives to farmers and an $11.4 million boost to the ACCC to“strengthen competition” in supply chains.

The government claims there are $4 billion worth of new commitments, but the opposition saysit can only account for less than $1 billion.

Lisa Chesters, secretary of Labor’s Country Caucus,said the paper speaks of a“romantic, out of touch” vision of farming in Australia.

“It just deals with the here and now, not the long-term future of farming,” she said.

“The first issue farmers raise with me is access to the internet, and how if they had access to fast internet it would be a great boost to their farm business, but there’s no mention of a plan in the White Paper.

“If you want to move away from subsidising agriculture and becoming self-sufficient, then short-term measures aren’t going to cut it.”

The funding to the ACCC would help it to detect breaches of the Competition and Consumer Act that affects farmers and small businesses in rural areas.

Its functions are likely to target the big supermarkets and those at the top of the supply chain.

Farmers will also be able to tap into changes to the Farm Management Deposit, allowing them to double their FMDs to $800,000 from July 2016.

Tax breaks for on-farm infrastructure –announced in the 2015 budget –were also included in the White Paper.

The National Farmers Federation welcomed the measures, but Ms Chesters said the White Paper was a missed opportunity.

“We need to be looking at how we can partner with local farmers through vertical planning,” she said.

“Kagome tomatoes at Echuca is a great example of a partnership with local farmers to help them grow and produce food –these are the sorts of things we should be supporting.

“There are a lot of fluffy words in the White Paper, but it’s a serious lack of long-term vision.”

Ms Chesters said Labor’s Country Caucus was consulting with industry stakeholders, young farmers and food producers to form agricultural policies to take to next year’s federal election.

The federal government had promised to release the White Paper within 12 months of the last election.

Victorian leader of the Nationals Peter Walsh welcomed the release, stating the ideas in the paper would help the state “remain at the forefront of innovation and productivity”.

“I’m pleased to see that accessing premium export markets is one of the five priority areas of the White Paper, and that there is investment earmarked for breaking down technical barriers and improving biosecurity,” he said.

“The significant investment in research and development will also help Victorian farmers to maintain their competitiveness in the world market.”

Water infrastructure also featured heavily in the document, adding another $300 million to the National Water Infrastructure Fund and a further $50 million to look into sites for new dams.

The federal government would commit $450 million to the construction of new water infrastructure.

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   Dec 21

Muslim leaders urged to boycott Eid dinners held by AFP in 2015

A community rally earlier in 2015 to protest against Islamphobia. Photo: Joosep MartinsonMuslim community members are urging their leaders, imams and representatives to boycott Ramadan dinners being held this year by the Australian Federal Police.
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A group called Concerned Muslims Australia has started a petition on change.org and encouraged all Muslims to stay away from the annual events in Sydney and Melbourne this month.

In the petition, the organisers say: “We refuse to be treated like a national security threat and call on you to recognise such events as attempts by the government to paint a false picture of co-operation between it and the community. We thus call upon you to take the only action befitting as a response, and to refuse in principle to sit with the government while it continues to treat Muslims in the most underhanded way possible.”

Nearly 500 people have already signed the petition, with some commenting that their reason for joining is that the AFP “stab us in the back and then invite us for dinner”.

Another comment read “it is incredulous that the same agencies that harass, discriminate and target the Muslim community would expect it to break bread with them. Not only incredible but disingenuous in the extreme.”

The online petition outlined six points of contention, including that the Australian Government during the past 12 months had “executed a concerted and prolonged campaign of anti-Muslim hysteria, pulling out all stops to demonise, marginalise and victimise the Muslim community. Under the pretext of international developments and a supposed impending domestic threat, many tranches of counter-terrorism legislation have been passed that ostensibly target Muslims specifically”.

It said federal and state governments and their agencies, including the AFP and ASIO, have been a key in targeting the Muslim community and were used to execute phoney raids that have often amounted to nothing.

“Where specific threats have been prevented, the raids have been dramatised beyond any reasonable measure to reinforce the notion of a Muslim threat via media and ministers/departments’ public commentary,” the petition says.

It also cites concerns over investigations into matters such as the death of Numan Haider in Melbourne that remain shrouded in mystery, police brutality against Muslims and the creation of an Islamophobic atmosphere directly resulting from the actions of police and government agencies.

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   Dec 21

The Breakfast Clubbing: Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard sent to detention

ABC runs a short parody of the Killing Season, featuring former leaders Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Photo: ABC Detention break-out attempt in The Breakfast Clubbing. Photo: ABC TV
Nanjing Night Net

Former PM Julia Gillard as shown in the spoof. Photo: ABC TV

Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have thrashed out their differences in detention – in an episode of The Breakfast Clubbing.

Both star in a reconstruction of The Breakfast Club with snippets from their Killing Season interviews dubbed over the 80s cult classic, in a clip shown on ABC TV’s Insiders on Sunday.

Video editor Huw Parkinson constructed the two-minute satire where the pair argue about the leadership coup and dance to rad 80s music.

The video quickly took off online, trending under the Insiders hashtag. Killing Season miscreants sent to detention with The Breakfast Club http://t.co/[email protected]— Mark Scott (@mscott) July 5, 2015Best thing I’ve seen on #insiders ever. #breakfastclub— GirlBug (@GirlBug) July 4, 2015Well that’s Breakfast Club ruined. #insiders— Calvin von Blitzen (@StBlitzen) July 4, 2015

Gillard, in the role of Claire Standish, says: “I just wanted to get on with the job, but I think in Kevin’s view in particular, he preferred to do business that way.”

Rudd replaces rebel John Bender and speaks about his disgust and resentment towards the so called “faceless men” during the parliamentary killing season of 2010.

“That is the most creative reconstruction of a political memory I’ve ever heard… Julia Gillard marches in and launches a leadership coup,” Rudd says.

Gillard retorts: ” My view was Kevin wasn’t in the shape to fight a campaign.

The end is clear: No amount of pondering will help either to admit the error of their ways.

Fairfax Media

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